He Lost Out On An Everyday Kind Of Love

You’re an idiot. You had it made with her but fear, ego, and entitlement were always your main issues. You always wanted everything given on a silver platter.

Newsflash buddy…you get what you put in and from what she saw, you put in very minimal. You shall receive just that. Hence why she was always way too good for you.

She was a very chill kind of girl, she could stay in on a Friday and binge watch Netflix shows or she’d take your parents out for dinner and then call it a night.

Very rarely did she ask you to lift a finger. You barely did that. You really couldn’t get your shit together. She never once complained about it after she talked to you about it once.

And you never changed so really, you didn’t stand a chance with her in the end. Is that why you walked out on her? Did you know that sooner or later she’d leave your lazy ass? In the end, she’s the winner and you lost the one of a kind Friday night and Sunday morning type of love.

You said you weren’t happy. That the reason you left the relationship was that she had baggage, well, don’t we all?

As she was working to get healthy both physically and mentally, you became resentful. She’s a resilient woman and unfortunately, that intimidated you rather than make you proud. While you couldn’t handle that and be happy for her, she stood by your side through thick and thin, whether or not she agreed or disagreed with your decision. She fought. You ran.

Was it that difficult for you to communicate with her? If it was, why did you stay with someone you couldn’t communicate with? Poor girl never had a chance in the relationship. She was doomed the moment you asked her to give love another chance.

She was left to deal with the pieces of her heart and life you shattered. How are you able to live each and every day with a smile on your face knowing the destruction and pain you caused? Every time she tried to get an answer from you, you flipped the script and made it her fault.

It wasn’t her fault. Sure, she made mistakes. She owned them. What did you do for the person you supposedly loved? You did nothing while she did everything for you.

She knows you’ll never take responsibility for the wrong you did. And she knows you’ll never think she was the best thing in your life. She is okay with that today.

Because she knows her worth is damn well more than you ever gave her. She knows that whoever you end up with will never amount to what she did for you and what she gave you.

And when she lays her head down at night with someone who deserves her, you’ll be a faded, almost non-existent part of her life and memory.


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