Struggles of an Empath Born in the Wrong Generation

Oh, what a struggle if is to feel as if you belong 10 years ahead of where you are now or 10 years behind where you’re currently at. For me, I think I was born a generation or two late. I’m about 10-15 years older mentally than what my real age actually is.

Being an empath ultimately means you have the unique ability to feel what it’s like to be in the life of another. You’re able to feel what they feel and understand their struggle. Empaths are able to intuitively feel what others are feeling and are often affected by the energies radiating off of those around.

I can’t say that I’ve met many millennials that possess this rare quality. I see it more in the baby boomer generation. The baby boomers is probably the era I was supposed to be in, but apparently I never got the memo.

I. Constantly being misunderstood

Empaths are constantly misunderstood because they’re so in tune with their own feelings and emotions as well as those of others that there may be times when they intertwine and communication gets lost.

They’re also misunderstood because they feel so deeply for others and feel things on a totally different level than the average person.

2. Putting others before yourself

Empaths have a tendency to put the needs and feelings of others in front of their own. They’re willing to do almost anything for others even if it interferes with taking care of themselves.

3. Constantly being called over-emotional or over-sensitive

Even though this may very well be true, I think it has more to do with how self-absorbed someone else is that they can’t even bother themselves with “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes,”. While empaths have to keep themselves in check, their ability to feel another’s feelings and emotions makes them so much more grateful for the little things in life.

4. Obsessing over almost anything

One of the reasons these recent catastrophic natural disasters have deeply impacted me on an emotional level is because being an empath, I could feel the devastation and helplessness people were and continue to feel. Empaths who can’t experience what a certain situation is like will often feel the feelings and emotions of others more intensely.

I can say that most empaths were obsessing over the hurricanes the last few weeks with confidence. I know that I was consumed by the coverage and needed to know every last detail.

5. Trouble relating to others and making friends

It’s difficult to meet people or make new friends when you’re an empath because there’s no mutual level of understanding. Some may feel like they don’t belong or that there are very few people who are actually empathetic people. Personally, I have found myself becoming more isolative as well as avoiding people or meeting up with people because I’ve already given up on meeting people who are like me.

Having empathy is an amazing thing and helps open your eyes to the small things in life that truly matter. Being an empath does not come without its difficulties and struggles as well as the way it spills over into different areas of life.

It is quite difficult feeling as if you are older than you really are because no one (or very few) can relate to you and experience things in a selfless way. Empaths experience life in a totally different way than your average person. I’m grateful to be an empath because I see so many different perspectives and ways of life, but it definitely comes with some obstacles and challenges. It is well worth it!